“An Evening to Conquer Oral Cancer” named “Most impressive inaugural event of 2012”


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BC Cancer Foundation community champion on a mission to support a new approach to oral cancer screening and prevention VANCOUVER, B.C. – The BC Cancer Agency’s Oral Cancer Prevention Program has identified a new approach to screening and prevention with groundbreaking scientific evidence that could translate into healthier mouths. A recent study, published in the international journal, Cancer Prevention Research, provides the world with a never-before-seen method to stage oral lesions and determine which are most likely to progress to oral cancer.


At the community level, Brenda Currie is a long-time advocate and volunteer for the program and has recently increased her commitment to ensure this groundbreaking knowledge makes its way into standard care.


While juggling her role as a part-time instructor at the University of British Columbia, her family of five and volunteer work, Currie planned and executed a successful gala in 2012 benefiting the BC Cancer Foundation and oral cancer prevention. And, she’s back planning the 2013 Evening to Conquer Oral Cancer gala because she believes prevention, early diagnosis and awareness “will result in better outcomes for this disease,” which currently has a poor five-year prognosis due to

late detection.


The director of the BC Cancer Agency’s Oral Cancer Prevention Program, Dr. Miram Rosin, says, “Right here in B.C. we’ve come up with new technology and scientific evidence to identify early disease—years before it happens. And, we can predict which individuals are at a highest risk for oral cancer and should go on to receive preventative treatment.”


She also explains that the study has identified those whose lesions are not as likely to advance

to cancer.


Currie, who lost her mother at an early age to cancer diagnosed at a late stage, says, “I understand that the earlier the diagnosis the better. And preventing cancer from happening is the

gold standard.”






“An Evening to Conquer Oral Cancer” named “Most impressive inaugural event of 2012”


WATCH YOUR MOUTH: A kickoff event for an April 25 gala that will benefit oral-cancer research took place at the BC Cancer Research Centre Thursday. It entailed a very long kick for the BC Cancer Agency’s oral-cancer program director, Dr. Miriam Rosin, who punted herself through nine time zones from a sabbatical at a World Health Organization research centre in Lyon, France to attend. Dr. Rosin told The Sun in August that oral cancer kills 1,150 Canadian annually. Some 500 British Columbians have “invasive” forms detected every year, she said Thursday. She hopes a seemingly chump-change $50,000 to $75,000 will be raised soon to fund scholarships. They would permit some of the 22 UBC students enrolled in Canada’s only degree-granting dental-hygiene program to study further at the centre.


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